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Suggested Contribution

Suggested Contribution

Created by: Kyle Risi

About this guide

This help guide will attempt to answer any questions you may have around suggested contributions for journeys. This guide is useful if you are looking for guidance on how much to contribute towards a journey with another member.

Will sharing affect my car insurance?

No, providing you are only asking car sharers for a contribution towards the running costs of your car as we recommend (and not making a profit), car sharing will not affect your insurance in any way.  If you are still concerned as to whether you are acting appropriately, the best thing to do is to contact your insurance company to ensure that you are acting within their guidelines.

How much contribution should I ask for?

The ultimate decision on how much to ask another member to contribute toward a journey is completely up to you and your team members to decide.  While Liftshare offer a suggested contribution based on the number of miles, price of fuel and the MPG of the vehicle, this is only a guide in order to ensure any negotiations remains within a compliant range in respect to insurance purposes which states that team members are not to profit from carsharing.

How does Liftshare calculate suggested contributions?

When adding a journey, Liftshare will automatically suggest a default contribution for that journey. Our contribution suggestion is based on the assumption that you will be sharing your journey with three other passengers (four people including the driver), and can be adjusted using the toggles provided, up to a maximum contribution based on sharing with just one passenger.

The below table illustrates how Liftshare calculates the suggested contribution for journeys by default.

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Fuel Consumption Fuel Prices Running Costs (per Mile) Total Cost per Mile Liftshares Suggested Contribution


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